Refugee Relief and Assistance simplified

Send gift cards to members of your refugee community  ─ instantly.


eGifter Rewards gives you a simple solution to send gift cards instantly by text, email or postal mail.

  • Free to create an account, no minimums, no commitments
  • Choose from 250+ top brands or let the recipient choose their own
  • Upload a spreadsheet and send gift cards to 10, 100, or 1,000 recipients at once
  • Real-time delivery and tracking on all gift cards
  • Detailed reporting and responsive customer support

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Why gift cards from eGifter Rewards for refugee relief programs?


We have over 300 brands including Visa to choose from, which can be used to purchase essential items such as food, clothing, and medicine, and can help refugees meet thier most urgent needs during resettlement.


Digital gift cards can be used easily online or in-stores. Physical gift cards can be ordered in bulk to hand out whenever needed. Gift cards are easier for your org to store and distribute than physical goods.


Providing refugees with gift cards gives a sense of agency. Rather than receiving handouts or being told what they need, refugees can use the gift cards to make their own choices and purchase the items that they need the most.